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JXInsight/OpenCore 6.5.EA.1 Released

The first early access build of JXInsight/OpenCore 6.5 has been published on our developer [protected] site. The most significant change in this build is the ability to conditionally guard (and delay) particular probes from being enhanced by an optional probes provider (extension) based on the presence of one or more labels associated with a probes name. This capability is extremely useful when dealing with relatively expensive data collectors in that it allows you to defer the cost of such collection until a label such as hotspot has been applied to a probes’ name. Prior to the actual appropriate (matching) labeling the data collection will not be performed by guarded metering extension.


Here is how to enable the quantization probes provider metering extension within a jxinsight.override.config file and only incur the collection cost for those probes classified as hotspot which is applied by the default enabled hotspot metering extension.


In short form this can be specified as:


All metering extensions can be guarded in this way using the following system property pattern.