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JXInsight/OpenCore 6.4.11 Released

We are pleased to announce the eleventh update to JXInsight/OpenCore 6.4. This release includes a new adaptive control in execution (ACE)  metering extension, jvalve, that self regulates the execution of probes (methods) associated with an adaptive control valve in the event of an observed runtime performance jitter.

Performance jitters can be attributed to garbage collection, high (concurrent) workloads and other underlying operating system factors including resource management and CPU/IO scheduling. When a series of performance jitter events occur consecutively the valve will temporarily suspend all threads attempting to enter a probe associated with the “jitter” valve (if the thread has not already entered the valve by way of another associated probe). This suspension remains in place whilst the jitter is continually observed up to the point of a configured maximum timeout.

There are no limits to the number of valves that can be defined and associated with one or more probes (methods) or probe groups (packages and classes). Each adaptive valve can be configured with different jitter event matching and handling settings, offering a sort of prioritization and ordering to how and when particular threads are temporarily suspended during continued runtime performance jitter.

We have added numerous control set points to the jvalve probes provider to allow fine tuning of nearly every adaptive aspect of its operation but for the most part one need only specify the following system properties.


or in short form


The latest update can be downloaded from our developer site.