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JXInsight/OpenCore 6.4

jinspired.logoWe are pleased to announce the immediate availability of JXInsight/OpenCore 6.4 offering the first enterprise application software adaptive control solution as well as a revolutionary near real-time application simulation technology, Simz, that elegantly combines and integrates software activity metering with discrete event simulation and application replay.


This is a ground breaking release for us because it not only demonstrates how effective our intelligent activity metering engine is in monitoring application performance, but how the same engine can be used to control and optimize the performance of in-flight workloads as well as simulate the behavior of the metered activity in real-time across hundreds of Java application runtimes and thousands of threads.

Improved Software Resilience via Adaptive Control

Whilst many companies today are increasing the time and expense spent in collecting, storing and analyzing application performance monitoring data the results viewed in terms of improved availability and reliability are invariably disappointing because monitoring is not management. To actually manage applications, operations need to go beyond passively watching an application crash as it uncontrollably (and with little regard for its safety) reaches and exceeds internal and external resource limits and barriers. Today sadly the most commonly practiced operation performed by management staff tasked with resolving a troubled or failing application instance is to kill and restart the runtime.

With JXInsight/OpenCore 6.4 we are offering three powerful metering extensions based on our adaptive control valve technology that dynamically optimize the performance of an application in terms of throughput and response as well as safe guarding its execution from exceeding limits it is not fully aware of but that can be sensed via past, present and predicted activity metering.

Adaptive control builds on and compliments our earlier ground breaking work in bringing many Quality of Service (QoS) technologies and techniques used in networking up into the application runtime.


More Effective and Efficient Intelligent Activity Metering

Since JXInsight/OpenCore 6.3 we have added numerous intelligent activity metering extensions including inline, tracecycle, outline, callprune, kinline, swatch as well sametimedescentsprintspotcheck, recur and hotspot. The new hotspot metering extension now uses a score card in determining whether a firing probe (invoked instrumented method) continues to be meter or not, in which case it is permanently disabled.

With eight possible control set points this is the ultimate in hotspot threshold configuration.

Simz – Near Real-Time Discrete Event Simulation

JXInsight/OpenCore 6.4 includes a development-only license of Simz, our revolutionary new approach to distributed and parallel application performance monitoring. Simz is a highly scalable discrete event simulation engine that replays, in near real-time, the execution behavior and resource consumption of metered activities (code, requests, transactions, interactions) across an entire infrastructure of instrumented application runtimes within a single simulated (virtual) application runtime.

With soon to be published independent benchmarks confirming the ability of a single Simz service to simulate in near real-time the metering of 20+ million method executions per second across 20+ remote JVM runtimes The Matrix for the Machine has arrived.

Reduced Metering Memory Footprint

In order to replay in near real-time the metering activity of 100s of JVMs each with 100s of threads within our Simz runtime, which is an application that replays on top of OpenCore’s metering engine, we have had to revisit many aspects of the original metering model memory layout design. This effort has resulted in significant reductions, 30%-50%, in the metering of normal metered application runtimes. We have also turned off by default many additional collection options giving the best out-of-the-box experience to-date with various dynamic strategies to prune and compact memory associated with the metering model.

Reduced Metering Measurement Overhead

Being 100 to a 1,000 times more efficient than the competition does not mean there aren’t any opportunities for further overhead reduction. In this release we have introduced many new runtime heuristics that we have gathered from real-world experience in applying this technology in the most demanding environments. These heuristics have resulted in cost savings of up to 20%.

Performance work is never done so expect more fireworks in the coming year as we use our Signals technology to drive the runtime adaptation of own technology.

Faster Metering Playback Recording

The recorder metering extension has been updated based on the enormous software engineering effort that has gone into making Simz hugely scalable at both the network feed and simulated replay level.

Playing back a metering recording is now not just more efficient and faster but it is also much more scalable due to increased parallelism.

Improved Quality of Service (QoS) for Applications

Nothing comes even remotely close to our QoS for Applications technology. In JXInsight/OpenCore 6.4 we have enhanced the qos metering extension to augment QoS defined resources with thread level quotas, latches, barriers, reserves and adaptive control valves.

Complete control over application execution and resource consumption has never been so easy, configurable and extensible.