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JXInsight/OpenCore 6.3

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of JXInsight/OpenCore 6.3 which offers the first enterprise software call/resource usage accounting solution for the Java platform built on top of our uniquely scalable and powerful intelligent activity based costing & metering runtime.

Coming 6 months after the publication of our ground breaking JXInsight/OpenCore 6.2 release this version includes enhancements rolled out as updates including significant new extensions added in the early access and release candidate builds offering usage detail record creation & storage capabilities, as well as greater integration support for continuous performance management (CPM), performance testing and software behavioral analytics & reporting via new offline metering and metrics model inspection support in the Open API.

What’s New

  • New built-in call usage accounting extension supporting out-of-box call mediation/billing integration via a standard usage detail record (UDR) data/file format
  • New Open API interface that can be used to share contextual data between the application and custom extensions
  • New Open API interface that can be used to create offline integrations with continuous performance management processes
  • New advance configuration options for custom metering interceptors, plugins and supervisors
  • New advance configuration options for custom metric plugins
  • New offline intelligent activity metering support
  • New contextual named probes instrumentation extension libraries and bundles
  • New metering extensions targeting low latency environments
  • New intelligent activity metering & behavioral trait analysis extensions
  • New nanosecond resolution meters
  • Reduced memory footprint for very large applications and workloads
  • Improved performance optimization within metering runtime

In addition the management console has been enhanced with new metering visualizations and views, and the underlying licensing mechanism has been changed to allow inspection and dumping of both metering and metric models past the dev usage time window but only containing the model data created before the expiration set point

UDR Providers: Probes and Metrics
New Open API Interface – Environment
New Open API Interface – Snapshot