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A Tale of Two Java Virtual Machines – Duke and Simz

When you solve a technical challenge, such as in the monitoring and management of large scale distributed application software systems, with a very novel approach you have your work cut out in communicating with clarity what it offers far beyond the entrenched technology and thinking of yesteryear. The only thing IT operations hate more than change is novelty, even when it is based on sound understanding and reasoning of the problem, and the solution itself is proven to scale at an operational level. In which case you might as well go the whole way and change how the vision is communicated.

Allow me to introduce a new comic series, A Double Act, that I’ve created to help explain why the simulation of one or more Java Virtual Machines (JVM) in an alternate and possibly remote JVM is such a ground breaking innovation, that holds so much promise in monitoring and managing the activities of distributed applications and services – across time and space. It’s a tale of two machines: Duke and Simz.


A PDF version of the first issue can be downloaded from here.

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