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Quality of Service for Apps

Research into the application of networking quality of service techniques to software applications, services and runtimes for the purpose of execution control, performance optimization and performance investigation (testing).

QoS for Applications – An Introduction

Activity Based Resource Management for Multitenant JVM Services

Prioritizing Application Performance Using QoS & Adaptive Control Valves
Achieving Required Workload Levels in Performance Testing using QoS for Apps
Costing, Counting and Controlling Code Blocks with Hybrid Instrumentation
Using System Dynamics for Effective Concurrency & Consumption Control of Code
Determining whether an Application Performance Hotspot is a Performance Limiter
Optimal Application Performance and Capacity Management via QoS for Apps

Fairer Web Page Servicing with QoS Performance Credits
Dynamic QoS Prioritization

SEAMS 2013 — Quality of Service (QoS) for Adaptive & Self Managing Software