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Adaptive Control in Execution

Research into the application of adaptive control techniques for the purpose of improved resilience, reliability, availability, performance and throughput.

JXInsight/OpenCore 6.4.EA.1 Released – Adaptive “Throughput” Control
JXInsight/OpenCore 6.4.EA.2 Released – Adaptive “Response (Time)” Control
JXInsight/OpenCore 6.4.EA.3 Released – Adaptive QoS “Reservation” Control
JXInsight/OpenCore 6.4.EA.11 Released – Adaptive “Safety” Control
JXInsight/OpenCore 6.4.11 Released – Adaptive “Jitter” Control

Canceling Uncontrolled Jitter with Adaptively Controlled Jitter
Adaptively Controlling Apache Cassandra Client Request Processing

Google Engineering on Performance Variability – The Tail at Scale

Prioritizing Application Performance Using QoS & Adaptive Control Valves
Monkeying Around with Latency Injection at Service Points using QoS & ACE

Controlling Runaway Threads in the JVM using Resource Metering Quotas
Using System Dynamics for Effective Concurrency & Consumption Control of Code
Optimal Application Performance and Capacity Management via QoS for Apps