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JXInsight/Simz is a revolutionary new application performance monitoring (APM) approach based on a (patent pending) highly scalable discrete event simulation engine that replays, in near real-time, the execution behavior and resource consumption of metered activities (code, requests, transactions, interactions) across an entire infrastructure of instrumented application runtimes within a single simulated (virtual) application runtime.

Announcing JXInsight/Simz 1.0

JavaOne India 2013 – Slides, Demos and Impressions

Super-Vision via Simulation
Flying Blind within the Clouds with PaaS Applications & “Managed” Services
Mirroring, Mindreading and Simulation of the (Java) Virtual Machine
Changing Space and Time in Software Execution – The Future is Simulated
Rewriting Application Performance Monitoring Histories with Record & Playback
Simulation and Time Synchronization of Application Memories
Simz: The Promise of Near Real-Time Application Simulation in the Cloud
Going Beyond Actor Process Supervision with Simulation and Signaling

Data in Motion
Parallels in Big Data Processing – LHC at CERN
Plugin to The Matrix for (Virtual) Machines – Simulated Threads & Stacks
How to Execute Software Behavior Faster than (Wall Clock) Time
The Power of Slow in Application Performance Analysis – Record & Playback
The Matrix for Applications, Threads & Activities
Where Big Data meets Big Activity in the JVM

Data in Real-Time (DIRT)
Near Real-Time Distributed JVM Load Balance Analysis
Instant Distributed Thread (Probe) Stack Dumps
Near Real-Time Application Replay
Time, Space & Data in Application Performance Monitoring

Parallelism and Isolation
Isolating Integration with External “Cross Cutting Concern” Services
It’s the Application not the Process that’s important
Many Parallel Worlds
Parallel Execution Analysis Simplified – Apache Hadoop

A Tale of Two Java Virtual Machines – Duke and Simz


JXInsight/Simz offers a secure interactive (isolated) monitoring zone for developers and operations staff, allowing safe inspection of the execution behavior and resource consumption patterns of production applications via a near realtime playback simulation of the metered application code execution.

HelloWorld Example
Write Once, Load Once, Plugin Everywhere