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Industry standard benchmarks have proven our intelligent highly optimized activity metering and metric technologies to be far superior to anything else on the market today with a runtime overhead that is between 100 and 1,000 times less than all others. Only our technology is able to meet the complex and challenging monitoring and management demands of modern well engineered and highly tuned applications, platforms and systems in which the latency of a service interaction, transaction or request can be as low as 200 microseconds and were a hotspot method is classified as one that takes longer than 10 microseconds (even less). With built in dynamic self adaption and overhead metering budgeting you can be sure that mission critical revenue generating performance sensitive applications and services can be observed safely, accurately and comprehensively.

Our latest benchmark shootout: Reality, Reactivity, Relevance and Repeatability in Java Application Profiling

Below you will find PDF versions of older benchmark articles previously posted on our developer site that compare JXInsight/OpenCore with various high level application performance management monitoring solutions (i.e. NewRelic, AppDynamics, dynaTrace) and low level code profiling & tracing tools (i.e. DTrace, NetBeans Profiler, Yourkit, JProfiler).

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