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What if you could observe, optimize, and orchestrate billions of calls/requests per minute without the high overhead of traditional application performance management solutions? What if you could use the same technology in development, test and production across multiple management domains including control, cost and capacity? What if you could have greater coverage, deeper insight and faster resolution? What if you could do all this in both high and low latency environments? Well you can with the gold standard in Java application performance management, activity resource metering and quality of service (QoS) for application runtimes.


JXInsight/OpenCore is a scalable application performance management runtime with the lowest runtime overhead that’s thousands of times more efficient than all other well known solutions tested. It is the first strategy based activity metering & measurement runtime offering unprecedented control over which activities are metered based on real-time resource consumption profiles and activity chain patterns. A truly next generation solution built on an activity based costing & metering (ABC/M) runtime complimented with a fast and scalable metric collection runtime.


The New APM

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